Unisfair Introduces 'Virtual Classroom' Training Environment

To help organizations more effectively train their customers, partners and employees, virtual events provider Unisfair has created a new virtual training environment called the Unisfair Virtual Classroom, it announced this week.

The classroom — which enables trainers to administer online tests and electronically monitor learning progress — includes communication tools like video, audio, text, blogs, instant messaging, and Skype-enabled voice and video chat, as well as features such as an agenda builder that students can use to create class schedules, live chat translation that enables international learning in 50 different languages, and a "Unisfair Engagement Index" that allows one to report on attendees' interactions.

According to Unisfair, companies that have used the classroom have reported a 95 percent reduction in training costs, with the average cost per attendee going from roughly $2,000 to $100.

"Companies are looking to make training more engaging and fun," Unisfair CEO Hoang Vuong said in a statement. "Our virtual classroom allows them to create an exciting and interactive place for customers, partners and employees to discover, connect and learn while improving ROI."

So far, organizations such as Intel, Intuit, IBM and Novartis have used the Unisfair Virtual Classroom, according to Unisfair, which cites as its major benefits that the product can be used to study live with an online instructor, access on-demand recorded training sessions, and study at one's own pace, since sessions can be repeated at any time.