Unisfair Introduces New User Interface for Virtual Events Platform

Virtual event company Unisfair has debuted a new user interface for its virtual events that includes the industry's first environment-wide widescreen display, as well as improved navigation and enhanced customization opportunities, it announced last week.

"Our customers are constantly looking for new ways to make their virtual experiences more immersive and engaging for attendees," Unisfair CEO Hoang Vuong said in a statement. "Our new user interface strengthens the success of our clients' events by drawing attendees in and encouraging them to spend more time at an event."

Unisfair's new user interface supports two resolutions — 1280 x 800 and 1024 x 768 — in order to accommodate widescreen users who want a more immersive online environment. In addition, it includes the following new features:

• More than 30 new templates and 15 background environments
• The ability to create custom branded environments
• A dedicated area for embedded video files
• Improved virtual host capabilities

For more information about Unisfair's new virtual interface, visit events.unisfair.com.