Tradeshow Logic Launches 'Event Specs' Solution

Tradeshow Logic, an Atlanta-based trade show technology company, has launched TL Event Specs, a new online tool that event organizers can use to generate and update work orders in real time using their iPod, iPad or computer, it announced this month.

Billed as a "scalable online platform," TL Event Specs makes it possible for show organizers to create custom menus with drop-down inventory lists for each of their suppliers, allowing them to easily keep track of orders — including product descriptions and prices — for every aspect of their event, including venue, audio/visual, food and beverage, and décor.

Show organizers also can include PDF attachments, for visual record-keeping; give suppliers access to the system, so they can download event orders; and generate real-time reports, organized by supplier, area, meeting room, date or item.

"TL Event Specs organizes show operations, facilitates information sharing, enhances communications and streamlines the creation of the RFP for successive events," said Tradeshow Logic President B.J. Enright.

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