Top Productivity, Travel Apps for Overwhelmed Meeting Planners

If you're a multi-tasking meeting planner, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily, there's an app for that, according to app developer Jason Kirshner, president of Rocket Apps, who recently published his list of the top productivity apps for managing everyday tasks — including travel:

1. allows users to take notes, set reminders, due dates and add a profile so they can easily keep track of old to-do items, notes and completed tasks. "This app is a great managing tool that helps busy people keep track of school items, work items and personal to-do reminders," Kirshner says.

2. allows users to pre-write a text to be sent in the future, which is useful for sending work texts as reminders, thank you follow-ups and for keeping in touch with kids, friends, parents, etc. "This app goes beyond just a reminder but becomes a valuable tool when you want to schedule things in advance," according to Kirshner. "For example, at the start of the month you can create all of your birthday wishes ahead of time with personal messages. The app does require a push notification to send and cancel at the set time due to developer restrictions, but it is also a good reminder that the text was sent and now off your plate."

3. PDF Maps: PDF Maps allows users to access maps from iTunes just like they do music, movies and books. The technology allows travelers to view and measure real world locations and attributes. The app works in areas where Internet bandwidth is not available or is cost-prohibitive when roaming internationally. PDF Maps app also allows users to track vacation points with pictures and descriptions so that the map can be shared with others who might be visiting the area. "Paired together with mobile devices that utilize GPS, such as an iPhone or iPad, the PDF Maps app provides constant access to geographic locations and even points of interest without the risk of losing reception due to cell tower proximity — making it the ultimate traveling accessory for those that travel for business domestically or internationally," Kirshner says.

4. Financier Lite: Financier Lite keeps tabs on expenses and accesses current checking and savings account balances in one place. "This saves time because users record all deposits and withdrawals in one organized spot, from unlimited accounts," Kirshner writes.

5. Flight Track Pro: Flight Track Pro tracks arrival and departure flight information. "It has been more accurate than any other source and gives information in real-time often before that same information is provided by the flight crew," according to Kirshner. "This is a real-time saver and allows users to feel confident that they have the most up-to-date flight information while traveling, for fun or business."

6. Word Lens: Word Lens instantly translates printed words from one language to another using one's smartphone camera. "While traveling internationally, you can take a picture of a sign and have it translated into English," Kirshner says. "This is helpful when traveling abroad and is faster than searching for a word in a translation dictionary."

To download these apps, search your smartphone's app store. May not be available for both iPhone and Android devices.