To Save Energy, Dolce Hotels Joins Climate Savers Computing Initiative

Aiming to shrink its carbon footprint by reducing its energy consumption, Montvale, N.J.-based Dolce Hotels and Resorts, formerly Dolce International, has become a member of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, it announced today. A nonprofit group of eco-conscious consumers, businesses and organizations that advocate on behalf of energy-efficient technology, Climate Savers will help Dolce further green its business by focusing on its internal operations and computing infrastructure.

"Dolce Hotels and Resorts has been committed to the environmental stewardship with our locals and communities," Dolce's Vice President of Global Information Technology Gerald Lampaert said in a statement. "Through implementing the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, we reinforce the commitment and take a major stride in becoming the most green meetings hospitality company in the industry, dedicated to delivering a healthier, cleaner environment for our guests, staff and world."

To kick off its Climate Savers efforts, Dolce will focus initially on reducing energy with computers and will therefore commit itself to:

• Purchasing only ENERGY STAR qualified computers, printers and servers
• Configuring all computers at Dolce corporate offices and at individual Dolce properties to "sleep" when idle for 20 minutes
• Turning off computers, printers, screens and lights in vacant offices
• Setting the appropriate air conditioning temperature in its computer rooms
• Adding sensors and timers to auto turn on/off lights in backstage areas
• Turning off audio/visual equipment when it's not in use, rather than leaving it in "sleep" mode

Started in 2007 by Google and Intel, Climate Savers Computing currently has more than 350 member companies and organizations that have committed themselves to reducing computer power consumption.

"Climate Savers Computing is working to reduce global CO2 emissions from the operation of computers by 54 million tons per year in 2010," said Climate Savers Executive Director Pat Tiernan. "We are pleased that Dolce Hotels and Resorts has decided to join Climate Savers Computing and make a commitment to sustainable IT practices."

For more information about Dolce Hotels and Resorts and its green initiatives, visit the "Meet Green" section at Or, for more information about the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, visit