Tinder for Events? New App Facilitates 'Brain Dates' for Peer Learning

Brain and Heart

The popular location-based dating app Tinder allows users to discover potential dates and mates near them. Now, a new app wants to do the same for meetings and events. Called Braindater, the app by Montreal-based E-180 Inc. connects attendees for spontaneous "brain dates" -- one-on-one meetups based on what they are looking to learn or share. "Similar to Tinder, but for knowledge," E-180 explains.

"People are the best asset of any conference," E-180 CEO Christine Renaud said in a statement. "While many apps have tried helping event attendees find that valuable stranger in a crowded event, few go beyond providing a list of participants and their titles. That's where the Braindater comes into play."

Braindater uses matchmaking technology to match "Offers" for knowledge with "Requests" for knowledge in real time. A sample Request, for instance, might be "How to use meditation to enhance innovation in my company." A user looking for that knowledge can send up to three anonymous "brain date" invites to fellow users. If one of them accepts the invitation, the app prompts both parties to meet at the event's "Brain Dating" lounge.

For more information, visit www.braindater.com.

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