Third Annual Virtual Worlds Convention Showcases 3D Web

Utherverse Digital Inc. recently hosted its third annual convention for the virtual worlds industry. Previously known as UtherConvention — which was the first completely virtual convention to be held in a virtual world when it launched in 2011 — this year’s event was renamed the Virtual Worlds Convention and attracted approximately 3,000 attendees over three days.

Dedicated to virtual worlds — online communities, like Second Life, where people meet and interact in computer-based simulated environments — Virtual Con 2013 showcased Utherverse’s upcoming 3D web browser, Curio, which will give users access to virtual worlds that they can navigate using avatars.

“You don’t need any special glasses to view your screen or to participate in the online experience,” explains Curio’s website. “Simply download the browser, just like you would download Google Chrome or Mozilla for the regular Internet … Think of virtual worlds like websites. Once you have the browser, you can visit all the virtual places that exist.”

What’s 3D about the experience is the concept of interfacing with representations of people and objects, rather than a two-dimensional page of text and images. “Imagine shopping online where you are now able to pick an object up, explore its functionality and view its detail before purchasing it,” Curio’s website continues.

In addition to previewing Utherverse’s technology, attendees listened to speaker panels, interacted with fellow delegates via chat and VOIP, attended a virtual job fair, and engaged with exhibitors representing the virtual commerce industry.

“The response from past attendees has been overwhelmingly positive, and taking what we know and building on it, we are confident that this, our third installment, will be an exciting event once again,” Utherverse Chief Business Development Officer Anna Lee said in a statement prior to the event, which took place Aug. 21-23.

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