QuickMobile's Seven Predictions for Event Apps in 2014

Healthy, organic growth will continue to fuel development of the mobile event app market this year, according to a white paper released by QuickMobile, a Vancouver-based mobile event app company. The paper, “Seven Predictions for the Mobile Event App Industry in 2014,” details how the industry will advance into the next stage of market acceptance, moving from early adopters to early majority, as apps become commonplace at events around the world.

Here are QuickMobile’s seven predictions:

1. Enterprise-Grade Mobile Event Apps Become Available to Everyone
In 2014, both event organizers and attendees will demand greater functionality, reliability, and performance from mobile event apps.

2. Social—in the Right Context—Is More Important Than Ever
In 2014, mobile event apps will embrace social networking by offering what is needed, not what is trendy.

3. Mobile Event Apps Transform the Engagement Spectrum
In 2014, mobile event apps will need to work harder to earn the attention of attendees and other stakeholders.

4. Mobile Event Apps Get Personal
In 2014, mobile event apps will need to deliver a more personalized and relevant experience to attendees

5. Event Owners Will Leverage Analytics to Deepen Business Intelligence and Validate ROI
In 2014, event owners will learn that mobile event apps can provide the insight and data-driven intelligence they have dreamed of.

6. The Proliferation of Mobile Event App Vendors Will Continue
In 2014, as the industry grows, the market will begin to identify—and reward—those vendors that truly understand how mobile event apps provide value.

7. The Emergence of Genuine “Connected Communities”
In 2014, mobile event apps will be about more than just the event.

For a complete list of QuickMobile seven predictions, download the white paper at QuickMobile.com.

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