QuickMobile Releases Enhanced Analytics Platform, Delivers Real-Time Data

To help meeting planners calculate event ROI, meetings app developer QuickMobile has released an enhanced analytics platform that it promises will make it “faster and easier” to measure events’ success.

According to the company, the new version of QuickMobile analytics provides “attendee-level granularity” that delivers not only typical metrics — such as number of downloads — but also deep insights about individual attendees’ behavior. In addition, it provides such insights in real time so planners can utilize the data as it’s being collected.

“A mobile event app is critical to the planning, execution and experience of our customers’ events,” QuickMobile CEO Patrick Payne said in a statement. “Currently, event owners use app data to measure the ROI of the technology and event performance after the fact. To ensure event success, it is oftentimes more important to measure what is happening right now. QuickMobile’s analytics can be used to drive the success of today’s event, hour by hour, and also create opportunities for 365-day engagement. This is one more way that QuickMobile helps our customers engage and delight their audiences year round.”

The availability of real-time analytics data is a game-changer, according to QuickMobile, which said planners can leverage such data in order to develop brand advocates, optimize event logistics, implement gamification principles and influence attendee behavior.

Concluded Payne, “Perhaps the biggest question for event planners and owners is, ‘Was my event worth it?’ QuickMobile’s analytics provide the deepest, most comprehensive answer to this question. Big data is getting lots of attention in the events and meetings space, and deservedly so as data truly empowers the planners and owners to build more successful events. We take the depth of data even further. We make it more accessible and actionable, empowering event owners to make real-time changes, in addition to measuring ROI, planning changes for future events and using the insights from analytics to create year-round connected event communities.”

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