Online Spreadsheet Database Fieldbook Now Integrates with Eventbrite

Fieldbook, a spreadsheet-based project management and database app, now synchs with event ticketing platform Eventbrite, it announced last week. As a result, the company said, event planners no longer have to download and re-download spreadsheets or CSV files to get data on attendees and ticket sales. Instead, Fieldbook users only need to download Eventbrite data once; after that, it updates itself automatically.

"We built this after talking to a number of conference and meetup organizers who told us that they do most of their planning and organizing in spreadsheets, but that they had a hard time working with ticket and attendee data and getting insights into their audience," said Fieldbook Co-Founder and CEO Jason Crawford. "Fieldbook bridges the gap between the ticketing system and the spreadsheet."

Fieldbook's new Eventbrite integration allows event planners to:

• Get insights into attendees with reports on job titles, companies, etc.;
• Quickly tally survey responses regarding food preferences or other custom questions;
• Keep track of attendee confirmations, etc., by adding columns, just like in a spreadsheet; and
• Calculate what they'll need in terms of food, space, or swag with custom formulas and reports.

"Beyond just ticketing systems, Fieldbook can be used for tracking venues, speakers, vendors, tasks -- anything an event planner would put in a spreadsheet," the company explained. "It has the same familiar, flexible column-and-row interface, but it's much easier to filter and group -- for instance, to find speakers by topic, or venues by capacity."

The Fieldbook app is free, but starting Aug. 15 the Eventbrite sync feature will be available only on paid plans starting at $29 per month. Planners who sign up now will get free access until then.

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