ON24 Launches Integrated Platform for Creating, Measuring Online Events

Virtual events provider ON24 has launched a new virtual communications platform (VCP) that streamlines the process of creating, distributing, consuming and measuring virtual event content, it announced yesterday.

Described as a "first-of-its-kind solution for enterprise communications and marketing that significantly increases the ROI of virtual communications," the VCP consists of four components:

• Create: Users can create live, on-demand webcasts "in just a few minutes," according to ON24;
• Distribute: After they create content, users can easily share it via channels, virtual events and/or virtual environments;
• Consume: VCP content is mobile and download-free, according to ON24, which promises "anywhere, anytime access"; and
• Measure: Users can use the VCP to quantify the ROI of multiple variables, such as the engagement level of a prospect to training program efficiency.

"With the Virtual Communications Platform, we are both creating and expanding this category," said ON24 CEO Sharat Sharan. "With this platform approach, we are no longer providing just webcasting and virtual environment solutions — we are integrating all of our applications into a single platform that makes it incredibly easy to create, distribute and consume content and measure program efficiency."

New Webcasting Solution

ON24 also has announced a new "Marketing Edition" of Webcast Elite, its webcasting platform. Because it features channel auto-publishing, the new version integrates fully with marketing automation platforms so that content creators can not only produce their own webcasts, but also share and syndicate them via established networks.

"With the new, optional Marketing Edition, users can easily publish and syndicate content and integrate seamlessly with marketing automation platforms to close the demand generation loop," Sharat said.