ON24 Expands Virtual Meetings Access With 'Device-Aware' Technology

It no longer matters what device you're on when you're viewing virtual events, be they online trainings, meetings or webcasts, as virtual events provider ON24 Inc. has introduced "device-aware" technology for its virtual environments, it announced today.

Known as ON24 MOVE (Mobile Virtual Environments), the technology automatically detects what device virtual attendees are using, then delivers an experience customized to that device. Tablet users, for instance, are presented with an HTML5-based immersive 3D virtual environment while mobile phone users receive a content-focused compact view.

"ON24's mobile product strategy brings our virtual communications solutions to life on the iPad and other mobile devices," said ON24 Chief Product Officer and CTO Jayesh Sahasi. "With ON24 MOVE, mobile users can have as rich and immersive an experience as they have come to expect with all of our other products. ON24's solutions are truly optimized for tablets and mobile phones; they aren't just a 're-display' of the desktop version."

ON24 MOVE comes on the heels of major growth in the mobile space: According to ON24, mobile access has grown by 300 percent in the last year, and is expected to double again within the next year.

"Our virtual environments are now fully supported across the continuum of computing form factors — smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops — further extending the potential reach of an environment," Sahasi continued. "Our clients don't want to manage multiple virtual environments for different devices or set up a complex environment where they need to worry about selecting every nuance of the interaction and graphic for each device. They want a centralized approach, with tools that make well considered, sensible decisions so that their audiences automatically get the right view and the best experience. With ON24 MOVE, customers can focus instead on content and delivering the best messages to the right audiences."

In addition to auto-detection of phones and tablet devices, new features for tablets, specifically, include immersive 3D virtual locations, touch-based navigation, videos and animations, group chat, content search and booth representative listings.

"What this means is that tablet users are now able to enter a virtual location such as a plaza and navigate to various booths, engage in chat, view and download documents, ask questions and interact in a virtual trade show, product briefing or training center, as well as network with other attendees — just as they would in a physical location," Sahasi said. "In fact, the experience is often better than an in-person experience."

Given the rapid growth of the mobile segment, ON24 said all future product developments will incorporate mobile technology.

"Mobile support is a top priority at ON24 in 2012," Sahasi concluded. "All of our product development initiatives will take mobile viewing into consideration. Our goal is to launch new features simultaneously on all devices."