NiceMeeting Releases New Version of Audience Engagement Platform

Meetings technology company NiceMeeting has released version 2.0 of its second-screen-technology platform, which turns meeting attendees’ mobile devices into personal conference displays, it announced last week.

Launched in 2012, NiceMeeting allows speakers to broadcast their presentations via Wi-Fi directly to attendees’ devices, including iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets. The new version features an enhanced smartphone interface that allows smartphone users to utilize all of NiceMeeting’s interactive features, including answering polls, asking questions, chatting and making slide notations. It also includes more social components — users can share questions, for example, and rate them with “Likes” — and enhanced tools to measure audience engagement.

Accompanying NiceMeeting 2.0 is a new PowerPoint plug-in that simplifies for speakers the process of pushing their content to attendees’ mobile devices during live presentations.

“Companies spend massive amounts of money on events with the goal of educating their audiences either directly or indirectly about their products and services. The more the audience is engaged, the more information they retain and the more the total experience is enhanced,” NiceMeeting CEO Brian Silverman said in a statement. “Our belief is that these levels of heightened engagement and attendee experience correlate directly to increased revenues and customer satisfaction, positively impacting the ROI from the event. Our new release features upgraded interactive modules, such as Q&A, Notes, Polls and Chats, and is surely the easiest app event planners or participants have ever seen.”

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