New iPhone App Turns Meeting Attendees into Facebook Friends

Combining face-to-face and virtual networking has just gotten a whole lot easier thanks to Friendthem, a new iPhone app that allows people — including meeting and convention attendees — to instantly issue a Facebook friend request to new contacts upon meeting them.

According to Friendthem, the app eliminates the cumbersome process of telling someone you'll "friend" them on Facebook, then having to wait until you're in front of your computer to remember their name, search for them on Facebook and finally issue the friend request. Instead, the app uses location-based software to discover all potential friends within a 1,500-foot radius, starting with those closest to you.

"We've all come to depend on Facebook for creating and maintaining connections, but all of that is entirely predicated on the friend request button," said Friendthem Founder and CEO Richard Passer. "Friendthem takes that button into the real world, giving you a faster, easier, more accurate and natural way to initiate new contacts."

Friendthem is available for complimentary download from the iTunes store. Although it's currently available only for iPhone, an Android version will be launching later this summer.