New QuickMobile eBook Teaches Planners to Gain Buy-In on Mobile Apps

Meetings app company QuickMobile has published a new eBook designed to help meeting planners make the business case for mobile event apps, it announced last week.  

Titled "Four Must-Have Conversations About Mobile Event Apps," the new eBook provides more than 30 tools and tips for meeting professionals who are new to mobile and need to justify the expense to their superiors. Sample tips include:

Some tips include key benefits to each decision maker's department, such as:

Making the case to IT: Highlight the opportunity to blend data from other IT systems such as registration, CRM, and LMS, which will not only increase those systems' value, but also will provide the organization with a broader, more holistic view of its activities.

• Making the case to marketing: For events tied directly to lead and revenue generation, talk up the engagement power of mobile apps, their ability to connect buyers and sellers, and the boost in reputation the company will get from providing a leading-edge mobile tool.

• Making the case to sales and training: Point out how the app's analytics can help identify the leaders and laggards on their team, helping them to determine where to focus their post-event action items.

• Making the case to the CEO: Emphasize the positive impact your mobile investment will have not just to the meetings and events team, but across the organization. Use all the arguments outlined for the other executives and decision makers to win him or her over.

"In talking to hundreds of event planners over the years, we've heard it all," QuickMobile Chief Marketing Officer Robin Jones said in a statement. "We know what kind of conversations they will need to have with their department and executive leadership teams in order to win support for their mobile event app. We created this eBook to share what we have learned about each of the key decision makers: what they want to know, and how to frame your business case to their specific needs and interests. This eBook is filled with action items that they can use immediately to take the jump into mobile and or further advance their mobile strategy."

"Four Must-Have Conversations About Mobile Event Apps" is free to download from QuickMobile's website.

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