New QuickMobile Tool Helps Planners Track Event-Related Social Media Activity

Meetings app developer QuickMobile has launched a new social media-monitoring tool tool for event planners, it announced yesterday.

Called Concerto, the tool helps planners track their events' social media activity in real time. Event organizers, for instance, can use Concerto to capture, catalog, and categorize event-related tweets on Twitter, which can help them identify which speakers or sessions were most popular, as well as which attendees are most active and influential on social networks.

Data can be shared on videos walls and digital signs at events, and on desktop or mobile browsers, event websites, and mobile event apps.

"There's an endless appetite for social media and networking at events and trade shows, but planners and marketers can sometimes struggle with capturing everything that is being said and then turning all the buzz into real value," Jeff Epstein, director of product marketing at QuickMobile, said in a statement. "It's one thing to have an event hashtag, but quite another to actually monitor, measure, and use the ongoing discussions to better understand your audience and improve an event. Concerto is a simple yet surprisingly powerful tool for making all that activity truly meaningful for event planners, marketers, and attendees."

Planners can use Concerto to:

•  Share Twitter metrics in an infographic format, including live tweet feed, volume of tweets, number of contributors, and type of Twitter content.

• Execute a gamified event by incorporating rankings for most active or popular users, and comparing trending topics featuring event hashtags and related topics.

• Track speaker mentions, which can be displayed on a leaderboard in the speakers' lounge to inspire friendly competition.

• Understand the questions, concerns, interests, and behaviors of attendees discussing their meeting or event.

"As events of all shape and size take on an increasingly social and mobile component, it's absolutely vital that planners have the right tools at their disposal to watch, listen, adapt, and most of all capitalize," Epstein concluded. "Concerto fills a much-needed gap with a platform that makes it easy, especially for those planners who may be short on the required resources or knowledge. Concerto is one more way that QuickMobile is making events more social and engaging."

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