New PCMA Meeting App Includes Location Services, Advanced Networking

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The mobile app for the 2015 edition of its "Convening Leaders" annual meeting includes a number of leading-edge tools and services intended to demonstrate for meeting professionals apps' latest and greatest capabilities, the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) announced yesterday.

"When it comes to mobile apps, we want to push the technology envelope, be visionary, take risks, and have fun," Kelly Peacy, PCMA's senior vice president of education and meetings, said in a statement. "In order to do this, we developed a holistic plan for strategically integrating mobile into all our events. We recognize more and more that mobile is driving change in our industry, and our members are looking to us for an example of how they can use new technology to improve their event experiences … We are doing things that haven't been done before."

Produced by meetings app maker QuickMobile, PCMA's Convening Leaders 2015 app includes the following innovative features:

• Location-based services: Bluetooth iBeacons will be deployed strategically across the meeting venue to collect information that will help determine attendee flow through the convention center and determine where attendees are during sessions and non-session times. Geofences, meanwhile, will be placed around the venue to deliver daily welcome and departure messages to attendees, in addition to timely alerts and key messages throughout the event.

• Attendee filtering: Users can filter fellow attendees within the app based on three criteria: Registration Type, Primary Chapter and Organization Type.

• Session mapping: Users can drop a pin on an interactive map to the specific room for every education session to ensure they always know where to go and never get lost.

• Multiple interactive maps: The app includes custom interactive maps rendered for every floor of the convention center in order to make way-finding as easy and intuitive as possible.

• QuickMeeting: Attendees can quickly and easily schedule meetings with peers in order to maximize their time at Convening Leaders.

"When we set out to develop the Convening Leaders 2015 app, we based our efforts on PCMA's mobile app strategy and key technology goals, which included growing engagement, elevating the PCMA brand, and collecting data," said Robin Jones, CMO of QuickMobile. "This is a cutting-edge app that demonstrates the maturation of PCMA's mobile strategy and reinforces its commitment to continually break new ground and drive our industry forward."

PCMA Convening Leaders takes place Jan. 11-14 in Chicago. For more information, visit

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