New 'Matchmaker' App Helps Planners Find the Right Venue in Puerto Rico

I Heart Puerto Rico

A new wave of event apps are being inspired by the popular dating app Tinder, whereby users swipe left on their smartphone to reject a potential match, or right to accept it. The latest such app comes from Meet Puerto Rico, which last week launched Meeting Matchmaker, an app that attempts to match meeting planners with their perfect Puerto Rican meeting venue.

Like Tinder, Meeting Matchmaker shows users a plethora of potential matches that they can accept or reject. Instead of mates, however, potential matches are venues reflecting different meeting styles and activities, such as large group, beach, casino, adventure, etc. Each "match" is linked to a selection of venues based on the amenities, products, or services they offer.

"Meet Puerto Rico tries to stay ahead of and on top of the trends, and we offer what our planners need before they ask," said Milton Segarra, president and CEO of Meet Puerto Rico. "Meeting Matchmaker is a time-saver and a good way to showcase our destination in an easy and fun way."

Planners who use Meeting Matchmaker will be invited to enter a contest, the grand prize for which is a five-day day trip to Puerto Rico that will include hotel stay, meet and greet at the airport, airline gift card with a value of $500, and a tour.

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