New Event Guidance Technology Helps Exhibitors Visualize Attendee Behavior

Event Guidance - Express Data Export

Event Guidance, maker of behavioral analytics software for events, has introduced a new "data visualization" solution that presents consumer behavioral analytics in graphic form to assist trade show exhibitors with data-based decision making, it announced this week. Seeing attendee data in visual form, in near real time, helps exhibitors quickly adjust and optimize their exhibits and displays, the company suggests.

"The data captured when monitoring consumer behavior at events such as attendee visits, dwell times, and return visits is much more impactful for event organizers when it is distilled and presented visually," said Kurt Sabin, director of business development for Event Guidance. "Converting the data into easily understood business intelligence has traditionally occurred days after a show concludes, when the data is culled, interpreted, and properly presented. The ability to make timely decisions is limited by the data and when it is available."

Event Guidance's tool, called Express Data Export (EDE), solves this problem by leveraging live attendee data and deploying visual reports on-site within seconds.

"The faster event managers know what is attracting interest -- and what is not -- the sooner they can reallocate or exchange assets to maximize engagement," Sabin continued. "They no longer need to wait until the event is over, or until a tour is over.  EDE eliminates the time lag that has been a drag on the value of capturing behavioral data at events."

EDE integrates with Event Guidance's tiered technology offerings, Proximity Trace and Proximity Frame, which capture consumer behavior by monitoring attendees' smartphones via Wi-Fi. The software provides more than 20 different attendee metrics.

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