New App Turns Mobile Devices into Interactive Conference Displays

Thanks to mobile technology, it's not uncommon to scan the audience in a typical meeting room and see more tops of heads than faces. A new app, however, means speakers and smartphones no longer have to compete for attendees' attention. Called NiceMeeting, the tool is a software product for meeting planners and audiovisual providers that turns attendees' mobile devices into personal conference displays.

Like other audience response systems, NiceMeeting allows speakers and attendees to interact in real time for the purpose of audience polling. According to its creators, however, NiceMeeting's differentiator is that it also allows speakers to broadcast their presentations via Wi-Fi directly to attendees' devices, including their iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Android tablet or laptop. As a result, meeting participants can "show and view the slides in the palm of their hands, exchange files and network with each other, take notes, respond to polls, follow subtitles or voice translation and more" — all via their mobile device.

Reads a company press release: "NiceMeeting revolutionizes the way mobile devices are used at a live event, making them a wholly integrated element of an event technology environment due to its simplicity and the ease of access, its unique capabilities and significant business potential it has for event organizers both as a new sponsorship opportunity and a money-saving tool."

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