New App Incentivizes Attendee Engagement

Because it’s hard to meet people when you’re focused more on Facebook than faces, attendees’ mobile devices often are an obstacle to face-to-face networking. A new mobile app aims to change that, however. Called livecube, the app uses gamification to leverage social media in the context of live events.

Here’s how it works: Meeting planners use a web-based administration panel to populate the app with information about their event, such as the agenda and speaker bios. Next, they select prizes that they will award to attendees who use the app. When attendees download the app at the meeting, they earn points for event-related activity — for instance, posting ideas from an education session, sharing photos from the event and networking with colleagues — on social networks like Twitter and Yammer. Those who earn the most points receive the prizes.

“livecube’s web app works on all devices and focuses around sharing ideas in each session and networking with fellow attendees,” the company explained in a news release. “Depending on the privacy level an event requires, the app is powered by either Twitter, Yammer, Salesforce Chatter or the livecube private messenger. The custom branding options allow for an experience that complements the event and leaves attendees with a recap of the best ideas and people they’ve met. Coupled with custom prizes, attendees are rewarded for lending valuable content to each session and organizers are left with powerful metrics and reports on an event’s success.”

By incentivizing attendee engagement, its creators argue, livecube turns smartphones from a hindrance to event programs to a help.

“Social media platforms like Twitter and Yammer are essential parts of every corporate event — used by millions of attendees at such functions each year. However, when unfocused they lead to distraction and can have a detrimental effect on the event itself,” livecube Co-Founder Aaron Price said in a statement. “livecube makes social media and mobile work for the event, cutting through the clutter and putting all attendees in a digital environment that stimulates engagement organically.”

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