National Conference Center Names Must-Have Apps for Meeting Planners


With so many apps available for meetings and events, meeting planners often struggle with the question, "Which ones are best?" A new list published today attempts to answer their query.

Created by The National Conference Center in Leesburg, VA, which assembled it based on interviews with meeting professionals, the list includes 10 top apps designed to keep meeting planners organized and on schedule.

The venue's top picks:

• Eventbrite: According to The National Conference Center, Eventbrite "allows you to see events or create your own event, sell tickets, or check in attendees. You can even customize your seating plans for an event.

• Super Planner: "Super Planner is a business app for the professional event planner," The National Conference Center explained. "It provides a variety of planning tools, including calculators for venue capacity, staffing, catering, staging, projection, and dance floor, as well as useful tips and planning recommendations. If you're an event planner and want to keep all of your event information in one location, the … price tag for Super Planner will be worth it."

• World Time Buddy: "When you need to schedule a meeting in the future across different time zones, Time Pal will set the correct meeting times and send emails to participants," The National Conference Center said.

• iClicker PowerPoint Remote: iClicker turns your iPhone into a remote and allows you to see your PowerPoint presentation on your smartphone screen. "It also will record your presentation," The National Conference Center pointed out. "You can exit the app to take a phone call and then return to the point in your presentation where you left off.

• Scanner Pro: "Snap photos of multiple documents and use quick cropping, resizing, and light adjustment before emailing them or saving them, or printing them," The National Conference Center advised. "Scan receipts, white boards, or paper notes or any multipage document.

• My Meeting Pro HD: "The app has note-taking, planning, preparation, and time keeping tools to keep meetings on-track," said The National Conference Center, which also noted the app's two-hour audio recording capabilities. "[This is] the app to help plan, conduct, and document effective meetings."

• Evernote: "Event planning is a team effort," The National Conference Center said. "This app can help you delegate and manage the event as a mobile filing system, organize everything from venue research, travel itineraries, and menus. Share notes and update seamlessly with the members of your team by syncing this app across multiple devices so that everyone will receive the latest information."

• Bizzabo: "Bizzabo will update an agenda and content in real time, generate social buzz as attendees share your event with their networks, increase revenue with sponsorship space on the app, amplify attendee engagement with in-app messaging, include everyone with a platform that works for almost every device, [and] track your event's success with analytics and social metrics," The National Conference Center reported.

• Heytell: "Good internal communication is essential to a successful meeting and Heytell has the ability to turn phones essentially into walkie-talkies," The National Conference Center said.

• Asana: By putting conversations and tasks together so users can keep track of event details and communications, Asana allows for "teamwork without email," according to The National Conference Center. "Founded by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and ex-engineer Justin Rosenstein, Asana was initially designed to improve productivity of employees at Facebook," it explained.

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