MeetingMetrics Introduces Pre-Conference Survey Tool for Speakers

To help meeting planners improve the quality of their education programs, online survey company MeetingMetrics has introduced a new pre-meeting survey tool that communicates attendees' education preferences to speakers before the meeting, it announced yesterday.

"We expect the survey to add value to an education event by providing timely 'voice of the attendee' preferences directly to session presenters prior to a conference," said MeetingMetrics Managing Director Ira Kerns. "Because the new survey takes advantage of our pre-existing online session evaluation and reporting features repurposed for this specialized pre-conference use, MeetingMetrics users will be familiar with the survey's structure and find it especially easy to administer."

The so-called "session needs survey" is the 10th specialized questionnaire in MeetingMetrics' online survey system. It collects attendees' session preferences — including their learning goals, learning style, preferred learning activities, interests, etc. — for the education sessions they're interested in attending, then electronically delivers the information in report form to individual speakers.

The session needs survey will be available for use in mid-January and can also be purchased from MeetingMetrics service providers, including: Creative Group, Certain Inc., Derse, mindingyourbusiness, Catalyst Performance Group, All-performance Group and BTTB in Australia. For more information, visit

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