Maritz Partners with InXpo to Create 'Totally Virtual Environments'

Maritz has formed a strategic partnership with InXpo, a Chicago-based provider of privately-branded virtual events, in order to offer its clients totally virtual environments (TVE) as part of its new Martiz LIVE suite of virtual meeting solutions, it announced last week.

"Thanks to the vast improvements in technology, the time is right for companies to include completely virtual meeting options as part of their overall meetings, events and incentive strategy," said Maritz Travel Vice President of Marketing Chris Gaia. "Maritz is uniquely positioned to help companies increase the effectiveness of their meetings, events and incentive travel programs by adding a totally virtual component to enhance face-to-face meetings."

The second platform in the Maritz LIVE program—which was announced last month as a service for companies looking to integrate virtual meeting options with their face-to-face events—TVE utilizes InXpo's platform in order to create branded sales and marketing events inside virtual conference centers, resorts, offices, auditoriums and lounges. While Martiz will help clients create the content and metrics for their virtual meetings, InXpo will therefore provide them with the technology that's needed to execute them.

"Maintaining employee and customer morale and loyalty is more important now than ever before," InXpo President Drew VanVooren said in a statement. "By incorporating Martiz' in-depth understanding of the choices and motivations of people with our award-winning delivery of branded virtual experiences, we are enabling corporations to tap into their human potential in exciting new ways."

In addition to TVE, Maritz LIVE already includes several services, including satellite broadcasting events, which allows companies to combine live high-definition television broadcasting with private dining room screening; Web collaboration, which enables companies to hold online meetings; and telepresence, which includes high-quality, real-time videoconferences.

"By leveraging the five Cs of virtual value—cost, carbon, content, collaboration and community—as the foundation for their virtual meetings and events strategy, companies can greatly increase the value they generate from their investment in these programs," Gaia said. "In addition, virtual experiences create value for companies by fostering communities and encouraging collaboration among participants, and providing access to these relationships and content well after the event."