Lyft Introduces 'Lyft Events'

New service lets event organizers and meeting planners arrange transportation for attendees

A new service from ridesharing app Lyft lets event organizers, including meeting planners, arrange transportation on behalf of their attendees.

Launched on Dec. 5, Lyft Events is designed to make transportation easy and safe when guests will be imbibing, when parking is scarce, or when seamless transit is needed for clients to and from their hotel.

Meeting planners who want to leverage Lyft Events start by creating an event at the Lyft Events website, where they can enter their event details and choose a unique coupon code that they can subsequently send to event attendees. Planners can add an event location to make ride credit available for pickups and drop-offs in only a specific area; an event time to make ride credit available only during a certain window before and/or after the event; and a transportation budget that specifies how much ride credit each guest will receive.

Guests who receive the planner's unique coupon code simply download the Lyft app and tap "Request" when they're ready for their ride.

Lyft's principal competitor, Uber, launched a similar service, UberEVENTS, last year.

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