ICCA Test Drives New SpotMe Networking App at Research Meeting

At the ICCA Research, Sales & Marketing Program, taking place June 13-16 in Austria, the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) will become the first association to use the new SpotMe app, a smartphone version of SpotMe's popular networking device, it announced last week.

Previously, the SpotMe service was available via a proprietary device that was distributed to meeting participants, who could use the device to receive meeting information, interact with speakers and discover fellow attendees with similar interests for the purpose of networking. Now, the service is available through an app that can be downloaded directly to attendees' smartphones, or to iPods that attendees without smartphones can borrow from event organizers.

"We are really excited to take these first steps with our new app in the international association meetings industry together with ICCA, who has always excelled at using SpotMe to advance its meeting architecture," said SpotMe CEO Roger Meier.

For more information about the new SpotMe app, visit www.spotme.com.