Houston Convention Center First to Offer Bitcoin ATM

Houston's George R. Brown Convention Center has become the first facility of its kind to offer a digital ATM, it announced yesterday. Located on the second level of the convention center, the ATM allows meeting attendees to convert cash into bitcoin digital currency and vice versa.

"The George R. Brown is enormously proud to be an early adopter in this important new global technology, leading the way for other conventions centers throughout the world," Dawn Ullrich, president and CEO of Houston First Corp., the parent organization that manages Houston's downtown convention center, said in a statement. "We are not doing this as a money-maker; this is revenue neutral. We view this as an amenity for convention-goers visiting the GRB."

The new amenity allows international meeting attendees to travel without large sums of cash.

"We think this will be an attractive option for international travelers coming to Houston," said Mark Goldberg, Houston First's assistant general counsel. "There will be no need to carry large amounts of hard-currency during travel. Pick up your funds when you arrive in Houston. Exchange-rate conversions for those seeking U.S. dollars are done automatically at our bitcoin ATM."

Below, Carolyn Campbell of Houston First News talks about the convention center's new bitcoin ATM.