Former Gaylord Execs Target RFP Process with New Company, Venue Search Tool

Venue sourcing company EventaGlobal has acquired group transaction database GroupOnomics and formed a new company whose goal is changing the way hotels and meeting planners do business.

Called Groups360, the new company is the brainchild of Chairman David Kloeppel (pictured), former COO and president of Gaylord Entertainment, and CEO Kemp Gallineau, Gaylord's former chief sales officer. Together, the duo are seeking to add more transparency, information, and trust to how meetings get booked.

"Let's face it -- the RFP process is broken. Groups360 fixes it," Gallineau said in a statement. "We estimate that problems with how business is done now have ballooned into $7 billion in inefficiencies every year."

Groups360's first release, which it debuted this week, is called GroupSync. A venue search engine, it leverages a proprietary event-hotel matching algorithm using STR data to help meeting planners source the right locations for their events based on their unique criteria.

"We don't tell a meeting planner where to go. Our algorithm identifies the best hotel options for planners, not hotels we are incentivized to promote," explained Gallineau, who said the GroupSync along with the acquisition of GroupOnomics -- a database of meeting transactions that hotels use to benchmark group business -- will create a unique and turnkey solution for meetings and hotels alike. "With the introduction of GroupSync and acquisition of GroupOnomics, Groups360 provides the hotel industry with the first end-to-end solution for meeting search, acquisition, planning, and forecasting. No one else serves planners and hotels in this fashion. We are uniquely able to attack everyone's lost time, lost money, and frustration."

Concluded Kloeppel, "Groups360 can end today's adversarial climate because we provide solid data to planners and to hotels. Logical, responsible, and profitable decisions are the result."

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