Event App Company Offers Free Setup for New Customers

When it comes to event apps, planners have more choices than ever. Because it thinks its solution is the best, however, event app company SmartCrowdz has launched a new "Free Event Setup" program whereby it will set up any new user's first event on the SmartCrowdz event app for free. Many other solutions either charge for setup or require DIY setup by planners.

"Our goal has always been to simplify app development for the event community," said Mike Lanese, SmartCrowdz co-founder and managing partner. "By reducing this process to a few simple steps, and by making it a free service, we are offering a unique, risk-free opportunity for our customers to run their events on a professional, comprehensive, and easy-to-use platform."

Here's how the Free Event Setup program works: Planners download an event data sheet from the SmartCrowdz website, fill it out -- it includes less than a dozen fields that can be completed in just a few minutes, according to the company -- and submit it. Two business days later, the user's event app will be live and ready for attendees to use, with features such as email and social media marketing, event management, ticket sales, and online registrations, among others.

"Embracing technology is sometimes difficult but nevertheless and important step for event managers and planners," said Randy Smith, the company's other co-founder and managing partner. "We have established the Free Event Setup program to reduce those barriers and let part-time and amateur event managers take advantage of technology that previously has only been available to event professionals."

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