DoubleDutch Launches 'Real-Time' Event Analytics Platform

DoubleDutch Logo

Event app company DoubleDutch has released a new analytics platform supplying real-time data to event marketers and organizers, it announced yesterday.

Called "Event Performance," the first-of-its-kind platform generates data about event content and engagement as the event is happening rather than post-mortem, once it's already over. For instance, planners can monitor how many attendees have logged into the app and send additional reminder emails to encourage app adoption. Once attendees are in the app, organizers can track content trends and which sessions can anticipate the most traffic. Recommendations encourage organizers to use push messages to promote less popular sessions and boost attendance.

All of this means planners can adjust course immediately to improve event app adoption, attendee engagement, and overall sentiment -- before it's too late.

"Event Performance is the culmination of a much broader vision," Vice President of Product Lucian Beebe said in a statement. "Most analytics reports generated by app engagement can provide post-event data. We seek to also provide visibility into event performance on the day of the event, so organizers are not in the dark. Event Performance paired with our mobile application is the only way to obtain the real-time data they need to make their events even better."

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