Digitell Becomes First Verified Digital Event Solution Provider

Digital event provider Digitell Inc. has become the first company to be verified under its new Verified Digital Event Solution Provider (DESP) program, the Virtual Edge Institute (VEI) announced last week.

“Digitell is excited to be the first verified vendor in the Virtual Edge Institute’s DESP program,” says Digitell President Jim Parker. “Based on the success our clients are having with their hybrid events, it’s clear that organizations need to be offering them. This program will provide a great platform that offers guidance and direction to help organizations move forward with reliable and experienced companies.”

Through the DESP program, VEI assesses digital event vendors’ technology and capabilities in order to verify their digital event readiness. As part of the process, it gauges customer satisfaction and success by interviewing at least three customers who have produced a virtual event using the company’s technology and services.

“The problem we’re seeing in the industry is that too many vendors are claiming they can produce digital event extensions, and they can’t,” says VEI Executive Director Michael Doyle. “The danger is that one bad experience makes planners skeptical of the benefits of digital events. We want to help planners break through the confusion and hire knowledgeable partners. The Verified Digital Event Solution Provider program is the answer.”

The DESP program concludes when VEI trains and certifies companies’ staff through its new Digital Event Strategist (DES) online learning and certification program.

“Though the DES program is designed for the event planners themselves, the courses teach vendors about the entire digital event ecosystem and the importance of a complete event plan that covers all of the critical areas you need to address to have a successful outcome,” Doyle says. “We know that just choosing a technology and hitting ‘go’ is not the recipe for success — quite the opposite.”

Companies that complete the DESP program successfully receive a DESP logo that they can place on their website and marketing materials, indicating to customers and prospects that they are a “customer verified” digital event vendor.

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