Cvent, Marketo Launch Event Marketing Collaboration

Event management goes hand-in-hand with event marketing. Event technology company Cvent has therefore partnered with marketing software provider Marketo to integrate its event management platform with Marketo's customer engagement platform, it announced last week.

The integration means that Cvent will now be available to Marketo customers via Marketo's LaunchPoint suite of marketing applications.

"The LaunchPoint ecosystem offers our customers an effective way to maximize the capabilities of Marketo's customer engagement platform and deliver the most impactful results," Robin Bordoli, general manager of new markets and vice president of partner ecosystems at Marketo, said in a statement. "We're excited to have Cvent join LaunchPoint and enable our customers to quickly add a proven solution to their event marketing technology."

Added Eric Eden, vice president of marketing at Cvent, "In-person events are typically 25 percent of an organization's marketing budget. So marketers need event management technology that is linked to their marketing systems to convert event leads to sales. Using Marketo and Cvent together helps marketers realize the full benefits of the marketing cloud."