CrowdTorch Allows Consumer Event Organizers to Create Custom Native Apps

App developer CrowdTorch, acquired earlier this year by meetings technology firm Cvent, has launched a new platform that helps event planners create their own customized native apps for consumer-focused events, such as festivals, concerts and fairs, it announced last week.

To create an app using the new platform, event organizers simply visit a website; select what features they want their app to have; input event details, such as schedules, sponsors and maps; customize the app's design by uploading backgrounds and choosing color palettes; then submit the app to Google's and Apple's app stores for approval.

"We are opening up the native app market in a way that's never been done before, democratizing the process and making apps more affordable than ever," said Todd Rogers, co-founder of CrowdTorch. "Any event, festival, concert or fair that has several hundred people or more is a great candidate for a native app, and there are millions of events like this annually. Yet only a small percentage of events currently benefit from mobile apps. This new platform will change that dynamic."

Added Brian Ludwig, vice president of sales, Cvent, "Native apps help participants become even more deeply immersed and engaged in events and share their excitement with others through social media. We see an incredible growth opportunity by bringing native apps to organizers of virtually any kind of event or activity. These apps are fundamentally transforming the way organizers can drive engagement and an amazing attendee experience."

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