Certain Event-Registration Software Consolidates Meetings Spend

San Francisco -- Certain Software has released an upgrade to its web-enabled, event-registration software that allows meeting planners to aggregate expenses for all their meetings.

Certain's Register123, version 4.5, contains a budgeting module that allows planners to track projected versus actual spend, with 16 expense data fields that planners can customize, according to Rick Borry, Certain's chief software architect.

Prior to the new release, planners could only aggregate revenue from multiple meetings, such as registration fees, said Borry.

Now, planners can generate reports on their organization's total spend on training meetings versus customer events, for example, or the meetings spend of divisions and departments. Planners can also track spend by vendor, such as an individual hotel or hotel brand; or by expense category, such as food and beverage.

Register123 is a hosted application, whereby Certain maintains the software and database on its own servers. Prices start at $2 per registration, but customers can also pay a monthly subscription fee based on volume. Organizations can also license the software to operate on their own servers and thus behind their own data firewalls.