Bizzabo Targets Lost Attendees With New 'Hot Leads' Marketing Tool

Most of the people who start registering for an event never finish. For that reason, event management platform Bizzabo has released a new tool that helps event organizers market to would-be attendees who abandoned the registration process but may still be interested in attending.

Called "Hot Leads," the new tool lets event organizers identify who failed to complete the registration process, then follow up with targeted emails offering an incentive to register. A reporting function then helps them gauge whether their efforts to re-engage lost attendees are working, providing information such as the number of registrants that were recovered and, if applicable, the amount of registration revenue that was recovered, as well.

"Hot Leads is one of the newest features in our mission to make event organizers smarter event marketers. It enables organizers to focus on their event success and take advantage of the newest trends in marketing automation," said Alon Alroy, Bizzabo's co-founder and CMO. "So far we've seen over 80 percent conversion rate from abandoned attendees to successful registrations. We're very excited about the impact Hot Leads is making on the success of events."

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