Releases New Version of Event Management Software has introduced a new version of its event management software, it announced yesterday. Known as “ 3.0,” the offering features a new user interface that the company says was modeled off an event planner’s physical binder, presenting users with a breakdown of every aspect of an event that they must address before, during and after it.

“Legacy systems silo individual event processes, making it difficult for coordinators to manage activities for multiple events and collect the necessary data to combat the industry’s biggest pain point: proving the return on investment of events,” said in a press release. “With little training, event coordinators can quickly implement 3.0 to gain analytics and data from different sources such as attendee payments, registrations, email invitations, attendee walk-ins and attendee satisfaction surveys. This data then integrates into the organization’s existing payment, customer relationship management or inbound marketing platforms to run the necessary reports needed to prove return on investment.”

Along with a new user interface, 3.0 features:

• Event plans containing all the tools needed to put on an event, including registration forms, invitation emails, surveys and reports;

• Contact lists that sync data gathered from multiple sources — for instance, online versus in-person — and enable planners to upload guest contact information for the purpose of making reusable invite lists; and

• Event plan wizards that event planners can use to quickly build registration forms, check-in lists, nametags and budgets.

“ is maniacally focused on making event planners’ lives easier, and our value-added technology offers a lens into event successes,” said CEO Greg Skloot. “With our new interface and payment integrations, event planners are able to focus on what they do best — creating great events — while our software provides the planning process support and backend analytics.”

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