Aptify Releases Mobile App for Association Members

Association management software company Aptify has released a new mobile app designed to engage members with their associations, it announced last week. Called Aptify Mobile for Members, the new app facilitates intra-association networking and allows members to manage association-related events, contacts, news and transactions.

"Members who are not fully engaged with their organizations are not receiving the full value of their membership," said Aptify CEO Amith Nagarajan. "And organizations that don't make it easy for their members to be engaged are missing an incredible opportunity for growth."

Specifically, Aptify Mobile for Members allows users to:

• View their connections with others in the association, including those they are connected to via LinkedIn;
• Search an association directory by member name, company name, committee title and staff member name;
• Track association events ¬— both all events and only those that interest the member or those for which he or she has registered;
• Drill down into events for detailed information about session topics, dates and speakers, as well as information about event housing;
• Rate events, sessions and speakers;
• Find out who among their connections is registered to attend specific events;
• Receive a feed of news about the association, as well as Twitter and Facebook posts by the association; and
• Track the status and history of orders, including dues, subscriptions, meetings and products.

"A primary reason for having a mobile app, from the association's standpoint, is that it's another way for members to engage with the association and get useful information from it in an easy-to-use manner," said Mark Patterson, Aptify's senior vice president of solutions, who oversaw development of Aptify Mobile for Members. "I believe we succeeded in creating a very intuitive interface. I think association members will enjoy using Aptify Mobile for Members because it keeps them informed by bringing together all of the association's social media and news feeds to their mobile device."

Aptify Mobile for Members supports most smartphones, including iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberries and Windows Phone 7. It can be distributed as a native app via the app stores or deployed as a web application. For more information, visit www.aptify.com.