Anaheim Convention Center Launches Virtual Event-Planning Tool

You don't have to visit the Anaheim Convention Center to plan a meeting there, according to the Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau (AOCVCB) in Anaheim, Calif., which has introduced a new online application that allows meeting planners to virtually visualize and set up their event in the Anaheim Convention Center's newest outdoor space, the Grand Plaza.

Opening in January 2013, the Grand Plaza will be a 100,000-square-foot outdoor multi-use special event space outside the convention center's front entrance. Using AOCVCB's new application, called Grand PlazaVille, planners can "drag and drop" an array of event elements — for instance, food stations, tents or tables — onto the Grand Plaza grounds and immediately see the results of their outdoor floor plan, which can then be printed or saved. Event planners can create their own virtual setup from an existing template or use configurations created by other users.

According to AOCVCB, the tool gives planners a fun, easy-to-use alternative to sketches, photos of other events and expensive 3-D modeling programs.

"Grand PlazaVille will allow planners the opportunity to use their imagination and create a digitized version of their outdoor events here at the Anaheim Convention Center," said AOCVCB President Charles Ahlers. "This is a truly cutting-edge marketing tool that sets the Anaheim Convention Center apart from our competition."

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