AmEx Plans Social Network for Corporate Travelers

American Express Business Travel has announced that it plans to create a business-to-business networking Web site for the corporate travel industry. Conceived of as an online community for industry decision makers, suppliers and experts, the first-of-its-kind resource will feature content supplied by the National Business Travel Association (NBTA), as well as American Express' Executive Travel magazine, and will function as a virtual space in which members can connect, share and learn.

American Express previewed its plans this week at NBTA's International Convention & Exposition in Los Angeles. There, it said that the new Web site——will include white papers, research and blogs supplied by industry associations, publications and editorialists, including NBTA, which will supply thought leadership content as the site's first content partner. The highlight, however, will be its user-centric features, such as online discussion boards, editorial reviews, polls and product development councils.

"The latest online innovation from American Express, will grant corporations and individual travel professionals access to the wealth of information and expertise of our organization and members of the broader business travel industry, while asking them to supplement the site's value by contributing from their own experiences," Charles Petruccelli, president of American Express Global Travel Services, said in a statement. "With the advent of new technology we're witnessing the business travel industry moving toward online resources and automated services, and our objective with this new, interactive network is to continue to revolutionize the business travel experience."

In order to make the online community truly collaborative, American Express is currently accepting suggestions for content and features with which to populate the Web site. Industry stakeholders may submit comments and ideas at, where they can also sign up to receive progress reports prior to the site's launch, currently scheduled for this fall.

For more information, visit BusinessTravelConnexion's Facebook page.