Active Network Launches Mobile Apps for Meetings, Events

Active Network, a San Diego-based provider of cloud-based event management applications, has launched a new suite of mobile applications for meetings and events, it announced last week.

"We have had a long history of innovation with mobile technology for our customers, demonstrating that mobile is an essential part of any customer engagement program," said JR Sherman, senior vice president, Business Solutions at Active Network. "In order to build lifetime value with customers and employees, organizations need to think about meetings and events not just in terms of logistics and spend management, but in terms of long-term engagement. Mobile is an intrinsic component to achieve that vision."

Called the "Business Solutions" mobile suite, the new collection of apps allows for personal event scheduling, local-attraction search, surveys and attendee-to-attendee messaging — all via smartphone or tablet. The suite also offers gamification capabilities, which drive brand engagement and facilitate attendee networking, and QR-code contact exchange, which makes it possible for attendees to quickly share contact details without exchanging business cards.

"Studies tell us that people would rather lose their wallet or their credit card than their mobile phone," said Active Network customer Michelle Bruno, president of Bruno Group Signature Events. "As event organizers, our job is to create the richest and most engaging experiences for attendees, and today that means giving them a convenient way to connect with us — and each other — on their mobile devices. Active Network's comprehensive mobile suite makes that easier than ever before."

Specifically, Active Network — which acquired meetings technology company StarCite earlier this year — has four mobile event applications in its Business Solutions mobile suite, each serving a different audience: Conference™ for enterprises, RegOnline® for attendee solutions, StarCite® for strategic meetings management and StarCite NSO for managing eRFPs. For more information on each app, visit Active Network's mobile suite webpage.