ACTIVE Network Debuts SMART EVENTS Cloud

San Diego-based ACTIVE Network has announced the debut of its newest technology platform, SMART EVENTS Cloud. The online program integrates the company’s existing Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) and event marketing technologies into a single solution in an effort to make it easier for organizations to not only capture, but also make more sense of the “big data” accumulated for, during, and after meetings and events. The new technology will roll out in phases over the next nine months beginning in November.

The need for a new technology like this, explained Anthony Miller, vice president of strategy for ACTIVE Network, comes from increased demand for measurement of data related to meetings, events, and incentives. “Meetings and events in organizations all over the world have frown to be very complex, from the largest of conferences to the smallest of meetings, virtual meetings, and even incentive trips,” Miller told “Each of those types of meetings and events has very different needs and the challenge with all of that is, up to recently, the only tools offered were just point solutions for specific things like mobile, registration, etc. … Our vision is to apply a digital layer that is a more holistic solution, and can create some intelligence from a data perspective.

To do just that, the new SMART EVENTS Cloud platform includes analysis of spend, ROI, and analytics across events and attendees, as well as providing tools for attendee management, registration, spend management, tools for managing large events, and online communities. New features and highlights include a new user interface; ACTIVE Conference-to Go software; ACTIVE Small Meetings 2.0 software; an improved account and events dashboard for large events; and ACTIVE Lead Management that lets you capture leads at events in real time. 

The consolidation of all of these analytics and capabilities into a single tool, said Miller, will benefit organizations greatly. “By putting everything into one place, and putting that data in the cloud, you can get a complete aggregation of spend and/or participant data to increase revenue and reduce costs,” Miller added. “For a very long time, people have been looking at SMM, but the event programs tend to sit outside of the SMM program. The biggest thing we’re doing today is that we want to help our customer bring both together, and put it all together into one solution. When you combine SMM and marketing events, you get complete transparency of an entire program and a complete understanding of the return on investment.”

ACTIVE Network plans to introduce the new SMART EVENTS Cloud to hosted buyers and meeting planners at next week’s IMEX America trade show in Las Vegas.