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What U.S. Travelers Want Most: Free Wi-Fi

Free wireless Internet access is the favorite hotel amenity for both leisure and business travelers in the United States, 25 percent and 49 percent of who, respectively, ranked it their top selection factor when choosing a hotel, according to a new survey published yesterday by Hotels.com.

Other popular amenities for U.S. travelers include free breakfast, which is the second most popular amenity for leisure (22 percent) and business (14 percent) travelers; complimentary bottled water, which 32 percent of travelers agreed they wanted in their rooms; and wired rooms with a single remote control for lighting, TV, temperature, and shade, which travelers said is their favorite "modern" amenity.

Hotels.com also asked travelers about their least favorite amenities and their most vexing hotel annoyances. For the former, U.S. travelers cited minibars and stationery -- 24 percent of U.S. travelers don't use minibars and only 1 percent said they'd like to find stationery in their rooms more often -- and for the latter, they put noise from fellow guests at the top of their list: 65 percent of U.S. travelers say it bothers them.

Full survey results are available in infographic form from Hotels.com's website.

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