Restaurant Tabs Vary Dramatically by Destination, Study Shows

Joel Robuchon

When they're not convening, meeting attendees are usually eating -- often at the hottest nosh spots in their meeting's host city. What they're paying for their meals varies dramatically, however, according to new research by management consultancy The Strawhecker Group.

"Americans love food; however, the price of a meal in the U.S. can vary by as much as 67 percent depending on the city," it reported in a news release.

TSG compared dining costs in America's 100 largest cities to find out where meals cost the most and least moola. Las Vegas -- home to restaurants like Joel Robuchon at MGM Grand (pictured), where the dinner check averages $425 per person - ranked first among the most expensive cities for eating out, with an average bill of $46 per person. Ranked second is New York, at $45 per person, and Honolulu, at $44 per person.

The cities with the three lowest restaurant checks are: Chattanooga, TN, at $24; Provo, UT, at $23; and Augusta, GA, also at $23.

Nationwide, the average restaurant check is $33 per person.

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