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Public Events Industry Thriving, IAEE Reports

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The majority of public events either met or exceeded expectations last year, according to the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE), which recently published the results of its annual Public Events Industry Report.

In a video report on IAEE's website, IAEE TV Host Jacky Herrera detailed this year's findings.

"Things are looking good for exhibitions that are open to the public," Herrera reports. "We're seeing a positive shift in the Antiques-Collectibles, Arms-Guns-Knives, Automobile, Fairs-Festivals, and Kids-Family-Lifestyle-Pets sectors."

According to Herrera, only four of 22 public-events sectors experienced declines last year. "Those sectors were Craft-Hobby-Woodworking, Food-Beverage, Home-Garden, and Sportsman-Hunting-Outdoors," she continues. "Though these sectors were down, this is still good news, as three-quarters of all 22 sectors met or exceeded expectations."

Other key results:

• Only 2 percent of public events were cancelled in 2014, compared to 50 percent in 2009.
• Last year was the first year that new events were launched in all 22 public-event sectors.
• Nearly a quarter (23 percent) of public events reported decreases in attendance last year.
• Revenue declined slightly in 2014, but remains up from the 2009 recession.

For more information, or to access the full report, visit www.iaee.com.

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