Most Virtual Events Affiliated With Face-to-Face Events, Study Finds

A majority of virtual events are affiliated with physical events, according to the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE), which Friday released the results of its latest study, titled "Virtual Event Study."

According to the study, conducted in collaboration with the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), Relate and Tagoras, 59 percent of past virtual event organizers and 65 percent of future ones say their virtual events are affiliated with a face-to-face event.

"This study provides useful insights for organizations that are actively running virtual events as well as for those considering launching one," said CEIR Research Director Nancy Drapeau. "A lot of experimentation is happening in this area. Content and the business model for virtual events are evolving. At the same time, the reason for launching a virtual event is consistent; more than eight out of 10 past and future virtual event organizers are striving to reach a larger audience."

IAEE's "Virtual Event Study" is available free to IAEE members, or for purchase at