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Most Event Planners Still Lack Mobile Apps, Survey Shows

A new, independent survey of 3,000 event planners shows that meeting professionals still have not adopted mobile event apps en masse. The survey by Julius Solaris, author of the popular ebook "The Event App Bible," found that 59 percent of event professionals do not currently have a mobile event app, although 53 percent of those "are looking to get one" in the near future.

Survey respondents identified several top concerns that could explain their slow adoption, including frustration at the lack of usage of mobile event apps by attendees and the time required to set up apps and populate data. In fact, event planners say attendee engagement is the main reason to use event apps; yet, only 33 percent of events professionals who have an app say that more than half of attendees are actually using it.

"Our aim with the Event App Bible series is to cut through the hype and report factually on what events professionals are telling us they are actually experiencing and what they are looking for," Solaris said in a statement. "There is a huge need and thirst in fact for education on event apps, both from the event organizer perspective and also for the delegates. People really do see that there is some benefit in reducing paper and improving interactivity, but there are still numerous gaps for events professionals in terms of measuring results from apps and also ensuring widespread usage of apps at their events."

In response to attendees' lackluster usage of event apps, Solaris made two points. "First … there is a need to educate and encourage attendees to use the app, especially if this is a new venture for your event," he said. "Second, there is a need to truly commit to the app if it is to work. It needs to be pivotal to the event and the organizer needs to work on that basis from the outset, not add an app as an afterthought."

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