MPI Study: Hybrid Meetings Don't Hurt In-Person Events

Video: Experts discuss benefits of virtual meeting components

Meeting professionals see much potential in hybrid meetings but realize they are still in their infancy, according to corporate leaders from companies including Cisco, Oracle, and Verizon, who were part of a study conducted by Meeting Professionals International (MPI) entitled, “Lessons Learned; Hybrid Meetings.”

MPI’s research shows that anxieties surrounding the degeneration of in-person events are largely unsubstantiated. Data suggest that face-to-face attendance increases or remains the same when other audiences join in, as most delegates still prefer to attend events in person.

Additionally, MPI is rolling out Future of Meetings and CSR research in October. The Future of Meetings consists of two phases, the first of which asks the industry for its thoughts and the second consists of asking 26 experts outside the industry. They talk about flexible space, free content (paid peer-to-peer learning), big data, 3-D printing, embedded technologies, near-field communication, speech recognition software, robots, and more.

The research is free for MPI members and there is a fee for non-members. Go to