Live Marketing 'Pins' 2013 Trade Show, Event Marketing Trends

Live Marketing, a Chicago-based event marketing agency, has released its list of the top trade show and event marketing trends of 2013. Published in the form of a Pinterest-like “pinboard,” it’s intended to provide visual inspiration for trade show and event organizers.

“New ideas enable marketers to increase results of their trade show and events programs — no matter what size program or budget,” says Kristin Veach, Live Marketing’s senior vice president of marketing and business development.

All told, Live Marketing “pinned” 15 trends, including:

Synchronized online and offline events: “Thanks to the cloud and continued innovation in live video streaming, social media and other web technologies, events will increasingly be continuous real-time experiences for attendees and non-attendees alike,” Live Marketing predicts.

Audio experiences: “While visuals, images, and videos are dominating, audio experiences will become uniquely powerful, and portable, in new ways,” Live Marketing explains. “From audio zones in your trade show booth to audio enabled tours, people can hear your very intriguing story.”

Visual content: “A picture never ceases to speak a thousand words, deliver a powerful message or tell a compelling story,” according to Live Marketing. “We’ll see 2013 up the ante of palatable visual content — marketers whetting attendees’ visual appetites with infodoodles and infographics, or delivering a powerful message at events with a professional visualizer or illustrator.”

Gamification: “Marketers will leverage technology and encourage attendees to tap into their human predisposition to engage in activities with game-like components,” Live Marketing predicts. “Add a dash of real-time feedback, keep mixing in a status update in relation to others and don’t forget to add a savory reward for the shared experience.”

Virtual graffiti walls: “Virtual graffiti walls are becoming more and more common in event programs, allowing attendees to literally ‘paint’ on a digital canvas,” Live Marketing explains. “These interactive art walls infuse life into your event and leave you with unique pieces of art and captivating interior decorations in your booth.”

To view all 15 trends, download the complete “2013 Trend Pinboard for Event Marketers.”

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