IACC Survey Reveals Meeting Planners' Generational Differences

Millennial Employees

A new survey conducted by the International Association of Conference Centres (IACC) in partnership with Development Counsellors International (DCI) shows that old and young meeting planners have different preferences when it comes to how they conduct business. Published yesterday, the survey focused on meeting planners in Australia and Asia Pacific, but likely is representative of planners around the world.

Among IACC's key findings:

The significant number of Generation Y participants for this survey (28%), compared to last year's European survey (11%) and 2013's Americas survey (12%), highlights the growing influence of Generation Y Meeting Planners in the Australia Asia Pacific region and potentially globally.

• Gen Y planners prefer attending venue promotional events while Gen X planners prefer attending trade shows.

• Both Gen X and Gen Y dislike phone calls, suggesting that telesales is no longer the best way to promote venues to buyers.

• Digital information is No.1 for providing planners with information they need to consider a venue for their meeting.

• Gen Y buyers place greater importance on venues' technology capabilities, while Baby Boomers place greater importance on venues' location. Gen X, meanwhile, prioritizes the food-and-beverage offering.

• Experiential learning programs are important for Gens Y or Z, whereas Baby Boomers prefer good service. 

• Nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of planners consider the age of attendees when sourcing a venue.

• Baby Boomers are more cost-conscious than their younger counterparts when selecting venues.

"This is the first survey of its kind produced by IACC in the Australia Asia Pacific region and is the third survey following similar surveys in the Americas and Europe," said IACC CEO Mark Cooper. "There are some important differences highlighted in terms of preferences and priorities expressed across the generations. These findings will prepare meetings industry suppliers and allow them to tailor their offering to accommodate the individual needs of each generation of planners."

To download the full IACC/DCI survey, visit IACC's website.

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