Finding the Time for Time Off Is a Challenge for Planners

Finding the Time for Time Off Is a Challenge for Planners
Our latest survey finds that planners get more time off than the U.S. average but have trouble taking advantage of it

By Nancy Lazarus

Planners' jobs not only involve a great deal of business travel, they also entitle them to generous vacation benefits. In MeetingNews' recent survey of 310 meeting professionals, respondents reported an average of 23 annual vacation days, far greater than the national average of 14 days. But their heavy work travel schedules prevent them from taking a lot of vacation time, and they usually check in with the office while away on break.

The amount of time off is only part of planners' enviable vacation packages. One-quarter of those surveyed said their vacation time has increased in the past couple years. Two meeting professionals with substantial vacation time are Joel Whitten, meetings and events manager for the Subway sandwich chain in Milford, CT, and Christine Dahlgren, associate director of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board. Both Whitten and Dahlgren have 25 paid days off annually, including vacation and personal days, marking an increase of five days since they reached their five-year work anniversaries.

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